Lens adapter rings

Olympus OM on Eos
Leica R on Eos
M42 on EOS
Contax on Leica M
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One ring to rule them all...

Have you ever dreamt of.... using that amazing lens on your camera, even if it was made for another bayonet?
Well... maybe is possible, maybe is worth, sometimes necessary, sometimes simply "cool".
Here I'll share all my knowledge about.

Let's begin with a classification.


Natural adapters
(retain infinite focus capability without introducing correcting glass elements)


Necessary conditions for a natural adapter:

  • Camera register must be shorter than lens native register
  • Camera bayonet diameter must be wider than lens bayonet
    And then...
  • the lens rear element, or lens' rear parts must have no interference with the mirror's path.
Note that this last condition is lens relative... you may be able to put any kind of Leica lens on your fullframe Canon camera BUT some single ones (i.e. there are some known issues with the Minolta derived lenses, that you are unable to mount neither on the SL-SL2 Leicaflex cameras due to far protuding rear elements)

Macro adapters
(No glass element is added, but the thickness of the adapter or the registry difference allow only a restricted focus distance)

These adapters are quite uncommon, but still produced by Novoflex and some other manufacturer.
They are silmpy short macrotubes with a male and a female mount, different brands of course.
They allow you the use of a different brand lens on your own camera, with limited focusing capability.


With correcting lens
(Idtroducing correction lenses gain infinite focus capabilities)

It was a common "cool" item in the late '80s and '90s, you could find different brands and mounts.

  • Generally not so well machined, with a single lens adjusting focus.
    Due to the small internal space not every lens could be mounted on without touching the correcting lens.
  • The correcting lens gives a 1.2x to 1.4x magnifying factor
  • Those lenses surely were not even coated... Try to imagine the quality.