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The Fisheye Nikkor eight two point eight on Canon DSLR cameras.

This is THE fisheye. The most looked after for both users and collector. Users? What use can a fisheye have? Panoramic photography, of course! Nikon has the longest history in fisheye making among all other companies, late in '70 they made a kind of jewel, an enormous, georgous and quite perfect lens. Capable of high definition till the end of the circle, beautyfully corrscted chromatic aberrations, very low vignetting. Nowdays, the most lucky panographers have got one. The only commercial circular fisheye is the Sigma 8mm f4 EX, a very honest and cost-effective lens, with some pros and cons, but nothing if compared to the 8/2.8 F-Nikkor.

Metering? EOS does: 
Usually this lens is seen on D100, D70 cameras, on Fuji S2 (one of panographers' favourite). thanx to Nikon's idiot politics to let down compatibility, this leave us with some exposition problems. All Nikon bayonet Dslr cameras (except D1 serie and Kodak ones till DCS760) do not have the AI aperture mechanical lever, and neither a functioning meter sistem with non-AF lenses!!! NO stop-down mode!!

Canon does! Canon entry level CMOS are in my opinion and for my use, better than Nikon sensors, and Canon EOS bodies support stop-down mtering.

Since adapters exists, why not??? The best fisheye on the best affordable body!

the 8/2,8 Nikkor on a 350D Eos, held by a modified Agno's TCP-L Panoramic Head. This system is giving amazing 7200x3600 pixel equirectangular panoramas

Problems: focusing!

The first adapter I bought gave me a lot of problems with all fisheye lenses, no problem with other lenses, neither with the focus-critical 55mm f1.2. With the 8/2,8 F-Nikkor I had focus misalignments, a little play here and there, and nothing of what I tried led me to a good image.
That is why I ordered other different ones and begun experimenting.

So here we have 4 different N/EOS adapter tried:
- 3 were Hong-Kong made, bought on eBay,
- another is a Fotodiox adapter, made in Japan but bought from an USA seller.
- I did not bought nor tried the Novoflex one, that seems to be the mother of them all... and also the first one industrially produced. Well, it is a little bit overpriced for me, but you can take a look to the good novoflex adapter review on Do not forget to take a closer look to the whole site, it is really interesting!
Special consideration is for Cameraquest adapters, , who sell for a more rasonable price what are claimed and known to be very precise and wellmade adapter

Infinity and beyond!
HK sellers claim their adapters to be infinite focus compatible, and they are true. To ensure this they project their adapters to allow focus to infinity... and BEYOND!
Their main problem is tolerances, workmanship and materials used...

Nikon mount register is 46.50mm
Canon EOS register is 44.00mm.

The first adapter OI tried had a medium of 2.10mm thickness, tolerance all around is +/- 0.4 mm!
Bad adapter... it was really light, seem made of aluminium.

The other HK adapters are a medium of 2.20mm thick, tolerance is +/- 0.15mm! Brass or bronze, nickel coating.

You will barely notice the difference, with any kind of common lens... but a fisheye change focusing from 20cm to infinity moving forward and back the whole optic system of a 0.5mm, and the 0.23mm less of the adapter make a BIG difference! Set focusing to 50cm and all is ok...

Photodiox adapter: material, weight, thickness... everyrhing tells us we own a professional adapter. My measures revealed tolerances very close to what camera manufacturers declare for their bayonets. Price was around 90$ on eBay. REALLY worth the money.


The Fotodiox adapter in place, On foreground the little release lever. Although different from the other HK cheap ones, this system is just a little bit easier.

The super sharp 55mm Micro Nikkor f 3,5, the hystorical first F-mount one, on a 350D Canon. no problem to mount this one with a cheap adapter.


Avaliability, manufacturers and prices.

novoflex, code EOS/NIK
various adapters
from eBay

The 10.5 nikkor on the 350D Canon.
(photo: Stefania Zangrando)