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Tokina AT-X 10-17/3.5-4.5 Fisheye

years and variants
angle of view, h,v,diag
fullframe zoom 2006 10-8 3.5-4.5 /22 180? still under research*
image circle
close focus
dimensions (max diameter, lenght, weight)
No Parallax Point (from bajonet)
  0,14m no 71.5x70
Canon EF-s and Nikon G mount avaliable
credits: tokina official website

The first fisheye zoom ever, was the Pentax one, the 10-28mm, and at the time it was realy high priced and considered completely useless.
In this apsc-digital era, fisheye were close to disappear... all the 15-16mm lenses become very distorting wide lenses, no 180degrees over diagonal. After Nikon 10.5mm and Olympus 8mm 3.5, Pentax renewed his concept with the 10-17mm, first product of Tokina-Hoya and Pentax cooperation. Few months after Pentax announcement here it is the Tokina AT-X107dx.

It spots a SD lens and an internal focus system, as well as a new coating named waterproof, that grants to let you easyly wipe off any fingerprint or spot from lens surface.

photo courtesy of AGNOS, happy new owner of the Tokina fisheye zoom.

In practice this kind of zoom offers the possibility to have a native mount fullframe fisheye for Canon cameras, and I hope soon for Sony Alpha too. Till now only Nikkor 10.5mm could be used, with the right adapter.

Panorama use:
Well, it covers 2 classes of lenses used for panorama: the fullframe fisheye, that means 6shots plus zenit and nadir, tot of 8 shots for a full spherical, and the use of the classic film fullframe fisheye (the 16mm) on apsc sensors, that means a very high quality and easy stitching multirow pano, made of 18 pictures, 2rows of 8, +/-30 degrees, +zenit and nadir (not always needed).
It could cover another 2, ever more interesting, if hacked!!

If we can put this lens on a fullframe digital camera, and if we saw off the fixed light shade, theorically we could have a lens that's very similar in use to the 8mm on apsc cameras, as is for the 10.5 nikkor, with a great advantage of zooming... so with the same lens it would be possible to cover both circular and fullframe fisheye techniques. my friend Michel Thoby* is attempting to discover if it is worth doing it.

[ be continued...]


official website,
adapters page
one of the first panorama with this lens: by michael stoss
confront with sigma 8mm f4
Testing Tokina by Flemming V.Larsen
* An extensive panoramic survey about this lens from the great michel thoby

Tokina 107 AT-X blog...  
Photokina 2006:
Michael Stoss with a rapid hand movement subtracts one of the preview lenses from a Photokina stand, and before someone realizes what was happening he makes a pano.

15 dicembre 2006
I start asking here and there if some shop lets me try the lens, or have some preorder of it.
All tries in NE Italy have the same reply: Nobody knows anything about a fisheye zoom, and they wouldn't order a thing like that to stock, neither if 10 photographers would enter that door asking for it. Some week later I speak about it with Agnos, briefly, but we are buisy with other panorama-related things.

13 gennaio 2007.
I speak with Agnos again about the lens and possibilities, and start sketching a new special ring-head, for this promising allaround panozoom. He begins mobilizing resellers and importers he knows

15 Janvier 2007
I'm somehow sintonized with Michel, we usually develop ideas in parallel way, however he is always one step ahead, and begins one of his usual scientific and deep analysis to the problem.
here, the thing begins!!

My doubts and questions are:
0: is the quality worth? comparable with 10.5 Nikkor? Will its circle cover more than 180 degrees?
1: Is Canon EF version an EFS mount with longer protuding back lens protection? if yes, is the protuding thing removable?
2: Would the rear element hit the 5D mirror? Don't think so, but...
3: in case, is the Nikon version equipped with an internal mechanical aperture control? If yes, it would be possible to adapt it to manual control the iris.
But if the 1: results to be that it is a normal EF mount... we would have a real Canon mount 10mm fish, a panozoom capable of autofocusing (useless) and capable of effectively control the lens iris!

18 gennaio 2007:
I cannot measure the lens, I cannot cross my lasers nor my eyes to measure the NPP of it, but I draw all kinds of head ipothesys. It is a personal thing.
I owned the Pentax 17-28mm since it was the only fisheyezoom ever, and was pointed out to be an useless lens, no more than a circus phenomenon. I'll dedicate him a section in my UnUseful Lenses pages, forthcoming...
Agnos can't retrive that piece of grinded coke bottles in Italy. So he opens ebay...

25 gennaio 2007:
I got from Agnos an empy message, with a picture only. It is the picture you can see above in this page.
One pecture is1.000 words. A fisheye picture is 1.001.

1er février 2007
Michel Shaved it!!!
Michel did the very first pano at 10mm with a 5D. First pano in the world with a shaved 10-17
Michel!!! you are great!!!